Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Falling in love at the ticket booth

New projects, community classes, exercise and beautiful weather to top it all off. Took a stroll around the park in my neighborhood and bothered to notice just how picturesque it really is.

Feeling inspired by the baseball fields with its quaint ticket booth (and the unseasonably brisk weather), I came home in search of hot tea and a sweet sports themed romance. I didn't have to search for long before coming upon author Jen Doyle's Calling It

Find it on Amazon

Find it on Amazon

Someday, I might like to write a sweet romance based on that ticket booth in Caswell Park. It might go something like this...
Rae Lynn Kitts moves from Music City to Marble City looking for a change of career and a fresh start. In a twist of fate she winds up in charge of the baseball park during the on-season. Spending a great deal of time in the ticket booth, she finds that this job ends up being more than just a quick diversion. Rae Lynn gets wrapped up in the community and its colorful cast of characters including feisty seniors, coaches, and little league players. In the midst of everything she meets Cruz Vanegas, a widower and little league coach. Cruz helps Rae Lynn overcome her emotional barriers and she realizes that love is just behind home plate.          

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