Saturday, April 7, 2018

Writing like design

Moment of truth, y'all, writing has not always come naturally to me. So, I frequently utilize lessons learned by better, more experienced writers to inform my writing. And on top of that, I also make sure to get out of the fiction writers' bubble to researching methods and ideas from other creative industries.

In the past I looked to the screenwriters for help with dialogue and movement of characters. Now that my home renovations are nearing completion I find myself researching those of an even more physical nature. Interior design, architecture, landscape design, and staging are all concepts utilized in realizing a homeowner's ideal home. The collective impact of the, larger structural and smaller superficial, details is felt in the way movement, relationships and lives of its inhabitants. 

Think of your characters as inhabitants of the spaces you create. What are their lives like in that space? How do they move in it? There is no need to drown readers of romance fiction with endless chapters of exposition. Instead, we can sketch, pin, or note these details for ourselves to keep in mind when thinking of our characters' actions and habits. The consideration of our characters' fictional realities help us make deeper connections with our readers either by tapping into their experiences as well as appealing to their fantasies.

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