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Alina Snow: A baker's dozen factoids

1.  Alina's half Basque and half American, with dual citizenship.
2.  She speaks Spanish, German, French, and English.
3. Got an electric guitar? She can play it.
4. She was once a vocalist in a band in high school and still love to sing (karaoke).
 5. Before entering graduate school, for a year, Alina worked in Korea as an English teacher.
6. She married her best best friend.
7. Her dog is part dachshund and part terrier.
8.  Alina graduated from Vandy with a degree in anthropology and a minor in German.
9.  For two years she was a disc jockey in Nashville. 
10.  She earned an ALA approved masters in SIS, a requirement to be a full-time reference librarian and she loves her job!
11. While in Asia, she back-packed through Thailand and visited China.
12. Part of Alina's week is filled with community activist services,
including helping to bring literacy and tech
services to those in need.
AND #13...
Alina sold the rights to Dating The Prince and the brand: Alina Snow. That's right. Alina reported that it was a hard decision to move from the self-published platform, days after the book released, but considering the opportunity, it makes sense given her schedule and future commitments.
Expect to hear from the new publisher for the What If series on their upcoming plans for the release of Book #2.


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